What to wear?? |St. Louis Children's Photographer

One of the biggest challenges for most parents is trying to decide how to dress their kids for photo sessions.  My son's friend showed up to play at my house today and I had to take her picture.  Not only is she adorable and I love her, but I loved her outfit.  She dressed herself today and if you want to get a good representation of who your kid is--let them dress themselves.  Yes, it might make you cringe...but I promise you, 10 years from now you will look back and be so thankful that you let your kids be themselves.  They will be much more comfortable in the pictures and really, isn't that how you want to remember them anyways.  There is a time and place for traditional, formal pictures with the crisp shirts and wet-combed hair--but I am not the photographer for that.  I don't know what to do with that.  My style is unique because it is my style....and if you want the best results, well, you must think outside the box.  The box of perfect posed pictures that we have all been taught is correct.  Thank you, Molly, for letting me take your picture today in exchange for a cookie.  :)