The Ultimate Girl's Weekend |St. Louis Photographer

  Oh, how I love my job.  I just returned from a weekend in Chicago with 10 other photographers from all over the states and Canada!   We all attended one of Michele Anderson's (Pinkle Toes Photography) workshops in 2011--and had so much fun that we wanted a reunion. This was not a workshop, no classes, lectures or meetings to attend--just the ultimate girls weekend.    We explored, we shopped, we ate--a lot, we went sight seeing, we laughed--a lot, we posed, we photographed, we photographed each other photographing each other, we were camera dorks, we loved, we talked, we shared, we met new people, and we saw the city through each others eyes.

Thank you Michele, Janie, Lena, Carol, Leah, Shona, MeeMaw, Stacy, Minnette, and Sarah for the memories!


Such a talented group of women!  Check them out if you get a chance!

Shona Reid ~  Ottowa, Canada

Carol Swaitkewich ~ Winnepeg, Canada

Stacy Krager ~ Springfield, Illinois

Leah Cook ~ Dallas, Texas

Sarah Jordan ~ Boston, Mass.

Janie Jones ~ Kansas City, Kansas

Lena Antaramian ~ New York, NY

Minnette Demafiles ~ Houston, Texas

Michele Anderson ~ Austin, Texas

and MeeMaw, who was just there to make us laugh :)