The Little Bit Drive Update!

First of all I want to thank everyone that donated!  Together we made a big difference!!  You can view my original post about The Little Bit Foundation drive HERE.  Thank you so much, I hope I am not missing anyone!


During our TWO WEEK drive we were able to collect:

Travel Shampoo – 81

Travel Cond. – 37

Soap/Body wash – 66

Toothpaste – 24

Lotion - 67

Girls Underwear – 287

Boys Underwear – 130

Boys Shirts total – 72

Girls Shirts total – 48

Here are some pictures for our delivery!


"This is just amazing, and we cannot thank you enough. I know the students in our schools will be thrilled. This represents a significant donation which will be helpful to so many, and we are very, very grateful. Thank you for leading this effort, and please extend our thanks to all who supported that effort."

With our greatest appreciation,

Nancy Sokolik, Program Director


"I think I told you Little Bit is adopting a new school (Northside Community Charter School) this week.  While preparing for this adoption it came to my attention that we did not have sufficient supplies to fill our boutique with necessary items for the kids.  Since we do not have a “cash budget” for boutiques, our staff started brainstorming on how we would come up with enough items to serve our new students through our boutique.  And then came your drive donation and our worries where over.  Because of your donation we not only are ready to serve our new school but we are able to stock Walbridge boutique too and with some extra to spare.   It is amazing to see what one person can do to help Little Bit.  Thanks so much for your support and getting the word out about us and telling your friends about our mission. (Wow, your friends are impressive)"

Thanks so much,

Kindest Regards,

Rose Hanley, Executive Director


I will always be looking for donations and ways to help this organization.  EVERY LITTLE BIT HELLPS.  xo