Brand Lifestyle Photography | Umpqua Bank

I recently worked with SKY MARKETING and their client, UMPQUA BANK, out of Portland, Oregon.

Project Details: Create a high profile magazine as part of a lead-generation campaign for Umpqua Bank Wealth.

Location: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, California

Overview: Photos of the UWA team and events/activities from their daily lives will be included (A) on the UWA landing page, and (B) the “Magazine” being developed as part of a Q2 lead-generation campaign.  Photos may be used for other marketing collateral, as needed.  Photos need to be usable in high-end print materials as well as online.

Photo Style: Photos need to be natural light and authentic. The reason we’re using real photos as opposed to stock or marketing photos is to convey trust and likability to clients and prospects of UWA.  With the exception of overt headshots, the bulk of the photos should feature real interactions with other humans as well as the subjects engaging in work or doing about their daily activities (as opposed to obviously staged photos). 

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Sample pages from the Magazine.

SKY_UWALeadGenMag_A2 1.jpg
SKY_UWALeadGenMag_A2 2.jpg
Pages from SKY_UWALeadGenMag_A2-3.jpg
Pages from SKY_UWALeadGenMag_A2-4.jpg
Pages from SKY_UWALeadGenMag_A2-2.jpg


Hands down, my favorite place to do a family session is at their home. The Stam family is no exception. Daughters Madelyn, Claire, and Kate stole the show! We had so much fun just frolicking around the yard and playing.

Can you say gorgeous?!

Swing sets are the absolute best. Not only do kids love playing, but I find some of my favorite pictures are taken on them!

We ended our session hanging out with the girls' best friend! Thanks for stopping by!