Smile! Moms are beautiful. | Charity photoshoot


Hey, Moms!  When was the last time you had a nice picture taken of yourself?  No kids, no bar pictures, just you looking amazing.  Your wedding 10 years ago?  Exactly my point.

On SATURDAY, MAY 12TH, the day before Mother's day, I will be doing head shots for MOMS!  Grab a girlfriend, put on some make up, fix your hair and let's capture your "youth"!  The best part, 100% of the proceeds will go to The Marikle Foundation.   The Marikle Foundation has been helping countless families with sick children in the hospital struggling to make ends meet.  Read more about Marik & The Marikle Foundation here.  Donations are $75 which includes digital images for you to keep, print, post.

So how did this get started?  By this picture below.  This is my Momma when she was 34 years old.  I LOVE this picture and I am so glad I have it.  I think every  Mom should have a beautiful picture taken, for themselves and their family.

ANNE JACKSON, Stylist, will be on hand to help you look your best!  Bring some accessories, jewelery, different outfits and Anne will help you be fabulous!


Call your friend, put it on the calendar, then email me to reserve your spot.  This is one day only with limited spots available.

Don't wait until you lose 10 lbs, cut your hair, whatever your excuse.  DO IT FOR YOUR CHILDREN, they will thank you later.  And you will thank yourself in 10 years when you say "Damn, I looked good!"