It is with great sadness and disbelief that I type this blog post.  Yesterday, a sweet little baby that I have been photographing every 3 months since his birth 16 months ago, died very unexpectedly.  I wanted to celebrate Connor's short life and share what a pure joy he was. Connor was a happy baby with the bluest eyes I have ever seen.  At each session his Mom and I would just sit and stare and giggle and soak up everything Connor had to offer.  I remember at his newborn session he would not fall asleep!  We just laughed at him because he was this little peanut, so new, so special, so darn cute, but would not fall asleep for us to take his picture!  Then at 3 months, his Mom, Dad and Grandma all sat around and did the same thing---we sat and stared and giggled at Connor.  I loved the cute little sweater that his Mom brought for him to wear.  We also noticed just how good he looked in green!  We went to a park for his 6 month photo shoot.  He sat up so proud.  He also discovered he had teeth in his mouth!   9 months was a big session--the weather was finally warm, we played in his yard, he loved to swing, and discover things but did not love sitting in the grass!  At our last session together we celebrated his one year birthday by taking a hike around Queeny Park.  Rather his Mom and I hiked and we pushed Connor in the stroller.  It is alway so fun for me to spend time really getting to know the families I photograph.  This family was no exception.

I feel so blessed to have known Connor.  He brought joy to everyone around him.  I hope you find comfort looking back at the stories that we told photographing Connor's first year...I know I do.