Our family vacation. |St. Louis Children's Photographer

I am back from an amazing couple weeks on the Cape!  We had a wonderful time and I was able to document it all.  I ran over 60 miles while I was away (I am training for the Chicago Marathon), ate a lot of seafood (despite my vegan diet...just can't resist on the cape), explored alot, met some great new friends (including Chris L. from the Bacherlorette :) ),  had great quality time with my Nana who is 93, soaked up the sun on the beach, went on a Marsh tour, a pirate ship cruise, and photographed my boys with their grandparents every step of the way.  It was a wonderful vacation.  Here are some of my favorites--be prepared there are alot. Sunset on the beach

Cory being Cory.

Sparky from Sparky's Hayrides...to the beach and back.

despite the 2 year age difference in my boys--they have the same size foot.  size BIG.

Marsh tour, we caught lots of green crabs.

The swing at Great Nana's house built by Aunt Chrissy.

Playing Star Wars @ Hans Solo Beach (aka. Chapin Beach)  I am always Princess Leia.

The boys with their Nana.

I took this picture waiting for Cory, who was laying beneath me having a temper tantrum, at Heritage Gardens.  You can always find the beauty in everything.

Our favorite spot, Scargo Lake.

The children's garden at Heritage Gardens.

I am so glad the seagull did what it was suppose to do.

Tate @ Corporation Beach.

100 year old, hand-carved, antique carousel.

My other half on the Lobster Roll Cruise.

My kid is wicked smaht...Ah, I love the boston accent.

My cooperative one...

It is always a competition.  Ready set GO!

The Pirate Cruise...looking for treasure.  Arrr.

My family.