"Keep Austin Weird"

I just got back from a fabulous weekend in Austin--me--along with 25 other photogs from all over the country met there to do nothing but...photography!  I was in heaven.  :)  I learned some new techniques, post-processing secrets, and spent the entire time talking about photography.  Some of the local photogs found friends and family to be our models--NONE OF THEM ARE PROFESSIONALS, and after you see these pictures you will not believe it--cause I didn't.  I have a ton of photos to get through--but here are some favorites.  "Keep Austin Weird" is the city's slogan--you see it everywhere--bumper stickers, signs, doors, etc.  I agree--let's keep it weird--it is a great city.  Thank you to Brianna and all my new friends! We did all urban shots--finding the best alleys, dumpsters, textures, that  downtown Austin had to offer--notice the fun-vibrant clothing our models are wearing and how FUN Urban sessions can be!    This picture is a sample of what we did all weekend--from my eyes.

 and here is my photo.  These two are dating and in highschool--so sweet.  Oh, young love.  

workshop-6791another viewpoint...

 This is my new pal Nicole--with our model, Hannah.  She is a natural and I think enough of us convinced her she needs to start modeling!!

 and here is Hannah and a few others.

   I'm sure I will have more soon...