Hot Mommas. |St. Louis Photographer

Saturday I photographed local Moms for our charity photo shoot.  You can read all about how the idea started here.  This day exceeded my expectations.  I am so proud of these women who took the time to do something for themselves and for their families.  I know they will cherish these photos in years to come and will be reminded just how beautiful they are.  Thank you all!  I look forward to doing it again next year!  xo  ~heidi Here is what they had to say:

What a great experience! It was so fun to feel like a "fresh-young-beautiful mom" instead of the usual "work-out-clothes-wearing-trying to keep up-mom". You made the process so relaxed and easy and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your talent with me. ~ Maggie

"Heidi's talent extends beyond the camera lens - she has a true gift of making people feel at ease and really good about themselves.  The day of the shoot I was nervous and wondering what I had gotten myself in to, but by the end I was so glad I had done it.  Just a fun, positive, unique experience!" ~ Erika

"You have such a gift...  You are so talented, yet so REAL!  You made the photo shoot fun and relaxing.  I admit, yesterday morning, I was annoyed that I signed up to do something so "vain" as to have pictures taken of myself...  it was going to take up too much time and energy (what to wear?  how to do my hair?  make up?)...  But, it ended up being an incredibly wonderful experience and I am really happy I did it.  Thank you!" ~ Andrea

"I signed up for the Mother's Day shoot because I wanted to support a great cause, and it ended up being such a blast! As a busy mom of two little ones even just taking an hour away to get fussed over was a treat. I'm excited to have a photograph to share with my husband and kids and a memory of feeling young and pretty. Thanks so much Heidi!" ~ Krista

"I would say that while I didn't relish the idea of being on the other side of the camera, I understand the importance of pictures at the different stages of our lives.  We (moms) seem to place great importance on photographs of our children but maybe don't acknowledge the equal importance of our kiddos having pictures of US.  That is something that maybe doesn't occur to you until you ARE a parent and reflect on what your Mom and Dad were like at our stage of the game.  You know?  As far as my experience yesterday - you made it so fun and EASY.  I would go so far as to say that I enjoyed it!  I think the time and effort that a Mom would put into doing a personal photo shoot with you is minimal compared to the joy it will bring down the road.  I loved that the shoot was quick and fun and that the fundraising & ideas were spearheaded by two amazing Moms!  Having a cool stylist there was a great perk as well! " ~ Meghan

"Fun, fun, fun!  So nice to pamper only yourself getting ready and then feel pampered at the shoot by you and Anne!  Loved every minute of it...thank you!" ~ Rebecca

EEK!  Just realized I missed one!!