Giving truly is awesome...|St. Louis Children's Photographer

You may remember a little contest I had this past Christmas, called GIVING IS AWESOME.  I teamed up with over 500 photographers across the country to donate $1000.00 worth of photography to a very special family, nominated by you.  Yesterday, on Mother's Day, I got to meet the family and photograph all 8 of them!  You will soon see why I chose this family--and after spending a short time with them yesterday, I am so grateful that I did.   Miss "T" is a preschool teacher and a mother of SEVEN amazing kids.  After years of being a foster mother, and as her own four children grew into teenagers, she decided to adopt three girls.   As you will read below, she has an amazing power to connect with children and has a true love for each child she meets.  I am really lucky I had the chance to meet her and spend time with her and her family.  I am honored to share my talent and hopefully bring a smile to her face every time she looks at her photographs.  I had two families nominate her for this contest and here is what the families had to say:

 "She has the amazing power to see the true self of each child and celebrate it to its fullest extent.  She has the amazing talent to immediately put a child at ease.  She has an undying spirit and love not only for her own children, but also our children, and seemingly all children that she comes in contact with."

"She continues to be a ray of sunshine to everyone she encounters.  She has boundless enthusiasm for children and always finds a way to turn challenges into fun.  I do not know if her children will ever truly understand how blessed they are to have her as their mom--but I think she would say she's had the bigger blessing of having the opportunity to raise all of them.  She inspires me--she has the faith and hope to know it will be all okay, and it will be."

For this, I am blessed to have spent my mother's day with her and hopefully give her a gift that she may have not had the opportunity to give herself.  From the minute I saw them, I could see what a close-knit, loving family this was.  I hope you will be able to see the love and spirit that each one of these children have for their mom and each other.  

It was a wonderful Mother's Day.