A whole new perfect...

Meet Mr. M.  He is one week old and nothing but perfect.  When I left this shoot today it made remember why I love photography and why I love photography that is not "perfect".  I mean the traditional backdrops, perfect clothing, fake smile perfect.  To me, these are the pictures I would want and how I would want to remember the day when I had a one week old baby and an 18 month old....that bottom lip, all the new hair, how he could just sleep anywhere I put him.  

The peacefulness of this picture below is what I love most.  How I wish I had a picture of me with my babies...and how I wish I looked like her one week after delivering my 2nd...:)  Remembering the smell of a new baby and how they want to be nowhere else but in your arms.

And here he is.  The big brother!  Once he realized I was not the babysitter, we were good!  Such a kind and loving little guy he is--with a great smile!!

ENJOY mom!  Thanks for giving me my baby fix.