A way WE can help!

Today I met with Rose, the founder of THE LITTLE BIT ORGANIZATION here in St. Louis.  Our meeting was to discuss ways that I can help her organization with any photography needs they may have.  I spent the morning at one of the schools they work with helping fit children with basic items such as shoes, coats, pants and shirts.  These children rely on The Little Bit Foundation to give them the basic necessities, because their families do not have the means.  I was in awe at the NEED of these children.  The entire time I was there I was thinking about my own children and their drawers that I can't close because they have so many clothes...  I realized how blessed I am and also felt an immediate need to give back and help these children. The Little Bit Foundation is a non-profit serving 3,400 underprivileged students in 14 St. Louis area schools.  90-100% of the students in the Little Bit schools are at or near poverty level.  Little Bit provides new clothing, uniforms, shoes, emergency food items, hygiene kits, dental kits, fully-stocked backpacks, and books.  The unique thing about this organization is they provide one-on-one attention to each and every child to ensure a comfortable atmosphere and trust to meet the child's emotional and material needs.  I got to experience this today.  After I gave a 6 year old girl a new coat, she smiled and said "My Mom is going to love this."  Another child told me she was going to wear her new shirt on her birthday....her birthday is in September, months away.

I don't need to have millions of dollars to make a difference.  Simple needs such as socks, pencils and underwear are priceless to these children.  5 homeless children lost all of their belongings (which probably was not much) in a home explosion last night.  They were just sleeping there the night, and lost everything.  When we gave one of the boys a sweatshirt he clung to it tightly.  This is all he has.

I am so excited to help them with their photography needs...but really excited to help with their everyday needs.  I am asking ANYONE to help!   If you are interested,  I will be having a drive starting tomorrow until FEBRUARY 13th, thats 2 weeks.


NEW (next time you go to Target)

ADULT SOCKS :Men's and Women's sizes 6 to 12  (some of the older children wear adult sizes)

BOYS UNDERWEAR:  size 10/12


Gently Used Clothes:

Pants, Coats, Jackets

GIRLS and BOYS sizes 3/4-14/16  (please be mindful of the items you send.  cleaned, no holes, stains and no skulls, etc on the clothing)

Hygiene Kits:

If you travel---they are needing travel size shampoo, conditioner, lotions and soaps.  (the free hotel stuff you have in your closet!)


Monetary donations are also accepted via their website here.


PLEASE FORWARD TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE!   Thank you in advance!  Please contact me if you would like to drop off a donation or I can arrange to pick it up from you.  THANK YOU!!  Heidi