Lifestyle & Editorial Approach.

Heidi takes a lifestyle and editorial approach to her work, capturing real moments in natural light to create powerful images that help tell a brand’s or businesses’ story in a compelling and relatable way. 


Captivate Emotions.

Heidi developed a street photography style that enables her to capture the natural beauty and essence of the people and locations she shoots, conveying authentic energies and moods that captivate and evoke emotions. This approach also creates a purity that cannot be achieved or replicated in a typical, lighted photography studio or on a set.


Authentic Images.

She understands the delicate balance between providing the right amount of guidance to help the people she’s photographing feel at ease, while not “over-directing” the moment. This approach enables her to capture images that are natural, unposed and appealing, resulting in a more authentic representation of the brands, businesses and people she is shooing for.